Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Life transition is one thing we can always count on occurring. Even with the positive transitions, we can count on resistance. Why is this? Because, for most people, change is uncomfortable. Although most growth occurs in times of change in peoples lives, the changes often leave us in unfamiliar, new, or unknown territory. A life transition literally closes a chapter in one’s life and begins another. It is common to have feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty during times of life transition, even if the changes are positive.

Common Life Transitions include:

Job Changes
Becoming a parent
Entering the “empty nest” stage
Death of a loved one
Graduation from High School or College
Moving to a new area
Becoming a caretaker

Counseling will assist in gaining the tools and skills necessary to overcome your resistance and help navigate through life’s transitions in a stronger, more confident, resilient manner.

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